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Convergence of Social Media, Geo-Centric Apps and the Smart Phone = Marketers Dream

More than ever before, technology is allowing marketers to precisely target potential clients. In the early pre-Internet days of marketing, targeting of specific clients was imprecise and expensive. Most marketing was based upon some form of mass communication – TV, magazines, newspapers, etc. Any type of targeted marketing such as direct mail was expensive and imprecise.

The Internet ushered in a new era of marketing allowing marketers to develop databases on potential clients and market directly to them at minimal cost compared to traditional media. Email newsletters, search marketing, personalized URLs (PURLs), direct text messaging, etc. and their associated tracking mechanisms allow marketers to directly target clients and track results.

Social Media products are allowing even more precise targeting. With Facebook, you can target based upon geography, interests, etc. If you run a dance studio in Bartlesville, Oklahoma – you can target mom’s of a certain age in a certain geographic region – something that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Enter the mobile smart phone and the ultimate marketing tool. We are developing mobile phone apps that will allow marketers to contact potential clients based upon their interests AND their current geographical location. With our new apps, a bar owner in a downtown location can reach out to potential clients within a 3-mile radius and promote drink specials. In addition to contacting clients through their smart phone, the system also utilizes Facebook and Twitter to communicate.

Although this is only phase 1 of the app – our new apps are the beginning of a new era for marketers.


Drive Working With Microsoft on Case Study Videos

We are working with Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 365 on a series of case study and sizzle videos focused on the application of the Microsoft products in the field. We will be interviewing Lola out of England, Honda Performance Development (HPD) out of California, Microsoft out of Washington and several other international companies. The videos will focus on how different companies utilize Microsoft technologies to achieve results in the real world.

Drive in Belgium This Week for Spa

The first of at least 8 international shoots for Drive takes this week in Belgium. Our teams will be at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup (ILMC) race. Although the event in Sebring was the first ILMC event, Spa will mark the first ILMC event on the international calendar. The course itself is very unique with 21 turns over 4.3 miles. Our crews are there working with the Level 5 Motorsports team as well as