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Using Digital Media To Not Only Make Money – But Make Life Fuller and More Complete

I just read a fascinating article at the Harvard Business Review by Umair Haque examining if our current society promotes or hinders the creation of a “well-lived life.”

The reason this is relevant to me from a professional perspective is simple – how can technology and digital media help us to lead richer and more fulfilling lives.

The following are some of the highlights – “In short, I see an outcomes gap: a yawning chasm the size of the Grand Canyon between what our economy produces and what you might call a meaningfully well-lived life……..And deep down, while it might be hard to admit, I’d bet we all know that our current habits are leaving us — have left us — not merely financially and fiscally broken, but, if not intellectually, physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually empty, then, well, probably at least just a little bit unhealthy. Eudaimonic prosperity, in contrast, is about mastering a new set of habits: igniting the art of living meaningfully well. An active conception of prosperity, it’s concerned not with what one has, but what one is capable of………….A good life today? It’s been vacantly reduced to the frenzied sport of buying “consumer goods” — more, bigger, faster, cheaper, now. But the foundational idea that ignited the art of human organization in the first place just might have been eudaimonia — and today’s opulence is just its clumsy, hurried streetside caricature, empty of depth, shorn of meaning, bereft of the essence of what make us human, void of the hunger to create a better world for humanity. Somewhere along the way, sometime on the journey — perhaps for the best of reasons — we lost it. Let’s get it back.”

So the question is, “How to use digital media and digital technology to not only make money – but to make the lives of everyone we connect with richer and fuller?”  That is one of the key goal in my professional life – to make the lives of everyone around me richer and fuller .


Drive Working With to Promote Technology Companies

Drive is developing a new program to promote technology service providers – the program will have a national media footprint and will be promoted on the The program will feature a series of case studies highlighting how technology companies are using cutting edge products to help clients achieve results. Case studies will be both text and video with the ability to download the case studies from the Stay tuned as we announce more details of the program and release the first series of case studies.

Drive Headed to France For Le Mans

We have three full crews in France this week shooting the world famous 24 Hours of Le Mans (or 24 Heures Du Mans if you prefer). Our teams are working with Inside Motorsports, Level 5 and a reality series project. We will have a jam packed week with festivities on and off the track every day. Check out for daily updates throughout the week and for information on the Level 5 team.