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Infographic – In 60 Seconds On The Internet

Seems like this Internet thing may not be a fad:)

The following two infographics provide some staggering stats on what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet.

  • 168 million emails sent
  • 600+ videos uploaded – 25+ hours of video
  • 13,000+ iPhone apps downloaded
  • 695,000+ Facebook status updates

Truly incredibly stats.  Creates a tremendous opportunity for all marketers – especially content marketer.

(via BusinessInsider)


Content Marketing in 2012

The guys over at the Content Marketing Institute released their predictions for 2012.   The following are some of the highlight that I found most interesting:

I believe that Google+ will become a new blogging platform and that in addition to sharing content, users will start creating their own content right on the G+ site. – Ali Goldfield

2012 is the year more organizations embrace the convergence of employee personal branding and corporate branding through content marketing strategies. – Bernie Borges

Brand marketers will continue to hire their own brand journalists and build out their own editorial departments. So if you’re a publisher…watch out! Your own advertisers and sponsors will be competing more and more with you. – Daniel Burstein

2012 will be the year of hard work – and the year we all focus on building our content brands: getting famous for great content not just for great widgets. – Doug Kessler

Media agencies will either create new content marketing specialized groups or expand the roles of “search strategists” to “content strategists” and include effective and efficient content distribution to their responsibilities. – Gilad de Vries

Mobile can no longer be treated as an isolated channel or a “nice to have”; it will become a primary way to speak to customers and prospects. – Gordon Plutsky

One thing is for sure, the industry will continue to evolve and those organizations that are most tightly focused on meeting the needs of the clients will win over the long-term.

You can read the whole story at the content marketing / Joe Pulizzi blog: