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Words To Use In Your Email Headlines To Get a Response (And Words Not to Use)

Ever wonder what words to use in you email headlines to get the best response.  Our friends at Boomerang analyzed over 5 million emails to come up with those answers and more.  The research finding have been put in the infographic below.   A couple of the most interesting takeaways:

If you use these words in the headline you are most likely to get a response:

1. Apply
2. Opportunity
3. Demo
4. Connect
5. Payments
6. Conference
7. Cancellation

But don’t use these words:

1. Confirm
2. Join
3. Assistance
4. Speaker
5. Press
6. Social
7. Invite

Lots of good information in the infographic below – and then some information not as interesting – such as “Reply quickly to important emails” – good thing we had an infographic for that gem.

Email stats infographic

(via Mashable)