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Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest

It seems everywhere you look people are talking about Pinterest (well….Pinterest and Draw Something) – everywhere you look online there is another Pinterest article.  The good guys over at Internet Marketing Inc. summarized everything you need to know about Pinterest in one infographic.

Some of the information I found most interesting:

  • Demographics – 80% female and not driven by the east or west coast
  • Pinterest is grew significantly faster than Facebook and Twitter during the first two years of each company
  • Pinterest provides more referral traffic than twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Over 80% of pins are re-pins

Check it all out below:

Power of Pinterest Infographic


Google vs. Faceboook – Infographic Style

Pretty amazing the rise of both companies – not just in terms of valuation but in terms of impact on society – Google and Facebook are both part of our daily dialogue – much more than other major brands.  Most people interact with both of these companies every day – I probably interact with each 25+ times every day.  Crazy thing is the Google was founded in 97 and Facebook in 04.

Two big takeaways for me:

1) Facebook growth has been meteoric compared to Google – check out the graph.

2) The valuation of the Facebook IPO is multiple times that of the Google IPO

Google vs. Facebook Infographic