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If You Want Frends, Go To Facebook – If You Want a Job It Is All About

Bullhorn Reach recently released their 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report detailing how how recruiters are using social media.  See infographic below for details.  The biggest takeaways:

  • 48% of recruiters use Linked In as their only social network for recruiting purposes
  • Only 1% of recruiters use either Facebook or Twitter exclusively
  • Linked in gets 5.7x more job views than Facebook and 3x more than Twitter

The primary reason recruiters use LinkedIn is because it works.

  • Linked in gets 8.8x more applications than Facebook and 3x more than twitter

Bottom line is that recruiters are serious about using LinkedIn as a tool for recruiting and job hunters need to be equally serious about interacting with them in the LinkedIn world.

Recruiters use of social media - infographic