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Basics of YouTube Video Analytics

youtube-logoYou can spend hundreds to many thousands of dollars per month on a vendor to host and deliver you videos – or you can use a network that costs $1.65 billion (in 2010) to host, deliver and provide analytics for your videos FOR FREE.  The network is optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones – and you would be part of the largest video network on the planet.  The network is YouTube and for many marketers it is the perfect video network

In this post I would like to focus on one area specifically – analytics.

As is the case the Google Analytics – the analytics tools for YouTube are very good and will meet the needs of most users.

To access your analytics you need to log into your YouTube account and select “analytics” from the pull-down menu at the top next to the search bar.

Once you are in the analytics section you will see the the following menu in the left hand column:

youtube analytics - left marginOverview provides all of the key stats in one screen broken into four primary sections-


  • Views
  • Minutes watched
  • Net subscriber change


  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Favorites Added
  • Favorites Removed

Top 10 Videos


  • Top Geographies
  • Gender


  • Top playback locations
  • Top traffic sources

You can choose any date range, drill down into any metric and view detailed line graphs or maps for each statistic.  In addition, you can download a complete report in a .csv format.

The analytics are not as comprehensive as some paid tools – for example you cannot get details regarding what parts of the video people are watching and when the drop off, but for most uses the real-time data from YouTube provides everything they need to monitor and report on video performance.