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iPod vs iPhone vs. iPad Adoption Rates – One Graph that will Blow Your Mind

apple_logo_small-thumbIn November of 2001 Apple introduced the ipod (with iTunes) which revolutionized the music industry.  To this day the product (in its current iterations) dominates the market with over 90% of the market for hard drive-based players and over 70% of the market for all types of players.

In June of 2007 apple essentially reinvented the mobile phone market with the introduction of the iPhone – with its revolutionary interface and iOS ecosystem, the product became one of the best selling consumer electronic devices of all time.

With those two products – which revolutionized their industries – in mind, take a look at the following graph:

technology adoption

The little green part of the graph represent iPod global units shipped for the first 10 quarters after launch.

The red part of the graph represent iPhone global units shipped for the first 10 quarters after launch.

The blue part of the graph represent iPad global units shipped for the first 10 quarters after launch.  Nearly 100 million units – nearly 4x more than the iPhone.  It is a stunning statistic.

What does this mean for you and your company?  At bare minimum it means that your digital products must run flawlessly on smartphones and tablets (I’m not going to get into the Apple vs. Android debate at this time).  The real question is, “What is your mobile strategy?” People are no longer chained to their desk when they want to browse the web, make online purchases, check prices, watch videos or write reviews.   In August 2012, 13.3 percent of web pageviews — from browsers, not apps — went to mobile phones or tablets, according to comScore. That’s double the number in a year. Mobile phones accounted for 9 percent of pageviews and tablets 4.3 percent.  As technology improves and prices drop the the mobile numbers will only increase.

What’s YOUR plan?