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Content Marketing – Latest Fad or Key to Marketing Success?

eMarketer released some new research yesterday showing that Content Marketing is the top priority of digital marketers – up 10 percentage points over the last year.  Content Marketing is now tied in priority with conversion rate optimization and just ahead of social media engagement and targeting/personalization.  (Content Vaults to No. 1 Marketing Priority for 2013 –  The following chart shows the numbers for 2012 and 2013:

Content Marketing stats

Is content marketing a fad?  Absolutely not.  Google’s recent algorithm changes make quality content one of the most important aspects of a website.  The key is QUALITY and RELEVANT content – not just any content.  Content that is irrelevant to your audience or content that is duplicated across the web is nearly worthless.

There are two things to keep in mind regarding your digital marketing strategy – the first is that content marketing should just be one part of your overall strategy – it is not a panacea.  Social Media, site/conversion optimization, personalization, email, mobile, etc. are all critical elements to an effective digital marketing strategy.  Focusing all (or even most) of your efforts on content marketing does not make sense.

The second key is that the is no “perfect” marketing mix for all companies and products – and what works best today may not be best next month.  Make sure you have your metrics and analytics in place and measure, measure, measure.  Your time and money need to be spent where you get the best results – and must continually evaluate and adjust you spend to maximize results.

Content Marketing is “hot” right now and it is a valuable digital marketing tool – but it is only one of many tools in your toolbox.  Just make sure you always pick the best tools for the job.