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KC Mobile Development – KC Mobile Marketing – KC Mobile Strategy

Engage Mobile LogoThe great thing about Engage Mobile is the attitude of the organization.  Our work experience has taken us around the world in the past (thus the global experience) but we have a very different attitude at Engage.  We are from the Midwest and we still have many of those traditional Midwest values of hard work, honesty and sense of fairness.  We like to think of it as our Kansas City attitude or KC attitude.

Of course we do some work in Kansas City (think of it as KC Mobile Strategy, KC Mobile Development and KC Mobile Marketing) but at this stage most of our work comes from all around the country.  We have clients from California to New York and everywhere in between.

Are we good at what we do?  Absolutely – we do as good or better work than anyone in the country.  But it is our KC mobile attitude that really makes the difference.

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How Engage Mobile is Different – Our Latest Video

We built engage mobile from the ground up to be a different kind of mobile company.  We are not just another mobile development company.  If you just want an app built you can get that done at hundreds of places – and we can do it better than anyone – but our company can provide tremendous value beyond mobile development.

The entire focus of our company is on helping our customers achieve their business goals.  We start the process by focusing on user engagement and helping clients determine their mobile strategy – how they can leverage mobile to achieve their goals.

Once we understand the strategy and goals we then work through the workflow and mobile app design.  We focus all of our efforts on functionality and simplicity – the app must be completely intuitive to use and require no training.  The initial goal is not to make the app pretty – pretty comes later.  The initial goal is to make the app completely intuitive and functional.  This process is hard and tedious but is a critical elements in the process of developing a mobile app.  After the functionality and workflow have been finalized we then turn our graphic design team loose to make it look beautiful.

Our mobile development and mobile app development process leverages a series of proprietary process we refer to as the “Engage Mobile Delivery Engine.”  The delivery engine focuses on three primary components – lean principles, transparency and flexibility.  The system has been designed to cost effectively give our clients transparency and flexibility in the mobile development process.

Mobile marketing is another area where Engage Mobile is different.  We have deep expertise in all facets of mobile marketing – from SMS text messaging campaigns to mobile coupons programs, Engage Mobile can work with you to help your mobile app or mobile site rise above the clutter.

Please contact me or contact engage mobile to learn more about how we can help you drive your company to the next level.  We are here to help.

Kansas City Mobile Strategy – Kansas City Mobile Development – Kansas City Mobile Marketing

Kansas City, MissouriI went to school on the East Coast in Philadelphia (the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School) and have literally traveled the world.  So many people ask, “Why do you live and work in Kansas City?”  The answers is easy.  I believe Kansas City is one of the best places in the country to run a business and raise a family.  It is an especially fantastic place to run a mobile business.

I am one of the owners of Engage Mobile.  We are a Kansas City based company focused on Mobile Strategy, Mobile Development and Mobile Marketing.  We are based in Kansas City because we feel it is best for our clients.

Kansas City has many of the advantages of large cities on the coasts without the disadvantages.  The city has an incredibly talented workforce – smart, well educated – that is lower cost than the coasts because of the lower cost of living in Kansas City.  There is literally no better place in the country to run a business focuses on mobile strategy, mobile development or mobile marketing.

The city has a very robust entrepreneur and startup community with resources to help companies all along the way.  Kansas City was the first city chosen by Google for their Google Fiber project and we have the Kauffman Foundation which is a world class organization focused on helping companies succeed.

Finally, Kansas City has low costs and is centrally located – we can get to either coast within a few hours and the cost of running a business in Kansas City is much lower than running a company in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or even Chicago.  Our lower costs allow us to provide tremendous value for our clients.

In the end, clients want a great product the meets the need of the market and they want it all at a fair price.  Engage Mobile delivers on all fronts.  Don’t take it from us, check out some of our client testimonial videos.

Feel free to contact me or contact Engage Mobile if you want to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.