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Engage Mobile to Launch Major Mobile Football Game at the end of Septembter – I Need Your Help

Vs Football by Engage Mobile - Mobile Strategy, Mobile Development and Mobile Marketing

We are about to launch our first major national game for both iphone and android – it is called vs. football – think words-with-friends meets football –  I am going to ask everyone to download the free game when it comes out .

Vs. Football, Engage Mobile’s first asynchronous gaming app, is coming to your iPhone and Android Smartphone in September 2013. We are developing the game with our client #34 Sports, a California based startup run by Chris Austin. Text “football” to 28748 and we will notify you when Vs. Football hits the app stores.

For the last 60 days, we have been cranking away on the development of Vs. Football. Vs. Football is an asynchronous or turn-based mobile football game available for free on Google Play and the App Store. Launching September 2013, Vs. Football lets you make the call. Offense. Defense. Goal Line. Special teams. You call the plays against your friends. There are no power-ups, cards, badges, levels or virtual currency. No floating joysticks. No turning your phone sideways or rocking it back and forth to juke a defender. Just football, plain and simple.

Matthew Barksdale, president of Engage Mobile, was interviewed about Engage Mobile and Vs. Football on the KMBZ Power Lunch on 8/29/13. Check out the segment of the interview related to Vs. Football below:

You can learn more about Vs. Football at the website.

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