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Engage Mobile Featured on Fox 4 News in Kansas City – Discusses the Future of Mobile and Wearable Computing Including Google Glass (VIDEO)

Engage Mobile Featured on Fox 4 News in Kansas CityEngage Mobile was featured on Fox 4 News in Kansas City on 11-25-13. Darrin Clawson, Steve Timperley and Matthew Barksdale discuss the future of mobile and wearable computing with Mary Pulley of Fox 4 News. Engage Mobile is working with Google and Google Glass to develop the next generation of wearable devices that can access the Internet.

At Engage Mobile, we do more than just develop software and apps for mobile devices. We have a unique blend of international experience and Kansas City attitude that helps us leverage mobile strategy, mobile development and mobile marketing to make our clients successful.

The following is the article from the Fox 4 site. You can view the page on on the Fox 4 site here.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s company Engage Mobile has been given four pairs of Google Glass-2, and the challenge of brainstorming what the glasses can really do.

Hundreds of thousands submitted their ideas for what they’d do if with Google Glass. Only a fraction of those interested are now testing ideas.

Engage Mobile has brainstormed everything from using the pricey hi-tech glasses in the operating room, to helping an engineer fix broken machinery thousands of miles away.

“We went and brought together leaders in many different industries including healthcare, construction, education, sports and we brought people together to kind of explore ideas of what could you do with these devices,” said Darrin Clawson C.E.O, and Founder of Engage Mobile.

“Imagine there’s a facilities management situation where there’s a machine that’s broken and the expert that developed that machine is let’s say in Germany. Basically the glass allows the technician in Germany to see exactly what you’re seeing,” said Matthew Barksdale, President of Engage Mobile.

The company already helps businesses take advantage of the latest technology, partly through building apps.

Engage Mobile got its first pair of google glass three months ago. The additional three pair they received are allowing them to expand development and testing, so it will be interesting to see what all they come up with.