About Engage Mobile

Matthew Barksdale and Darrin Clawson of Engage Mobile at Google

Matthew Barksdale and Darrin Clawson of Engage Mobile at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA

I am president and co-owner of Engage Mobile.  We are based in Kansas City, Missouri and do some of the most innovative mobile strategy, mobile development and mobile marketing work in the country.

I own the company with my partner, Darrin Clawson.  Darrin is a pioneer in the mobile industry – he has been developing mobile applications and doing mobile strategy since 2000 – 7 years before the iPhone came out – we are talking they days of IPAQ/Microsoft PocketPC and Palm Pilot.

Engage Mobile is nationally recognized as one of the top mobile strategy, mobile development and mobile marketing companies in the country.  We work with clients from coast to coast with companies ranging from startup to billion dollar organizations.  Some of our most recent awards include:

Engage Mobile  approaches the world of mobile much differently than anyone else.  Instead of just focusing on building mobile apps, Engage Mobile takes a broader approach.  We focus on helping clients achieve their business goals and we happen to use mobile to do it.  Specifically, we focus in mobile strategy / mobile app strategy, Mobile development / mobile app development and mobile marketing / mobile app marketing.

Mobile Strategy / Mobile App Strategy

Mobile strategy at Engage Mobile is all about helping our clients determine the best way to leverage mobile technology to drive their business.  Everything we do is focused on our clients’ goals and what they want to achieve in terms of user engagement.  It is a waste of time and money to develop an app without having a sound strategy.

Mobile Development / Mobile App Development

Our development teams are the best in the world.  Once we understand our clients’ goals, we determine the best technology to use to help our clients achieve their goals.  We have teams that are excellent in native iOS, native Android, hybrid or mobile web – we are technology agnostic, all we care about is getting our clients results.

Mobile Marketing / Mobile App Marketing

It is a waste of time, energy and money to develop a mobile product but not have mobile marketing behind it.  The goal of mobile marketing is to help you cut through the clutter to get your product or service to rise to the top.  Engage Mobile utilizes tools such as mobile text messaging campaigns, mobile search marketing, mobile coupons and mobile marketing sites to propel our clients to the top.

Kansas City Attitude / Global Experience

We are based in Kansas City, Missouri in the River Market Area – but we work with clients across the country.  Our management team has global experience with some of the largest companies in the world – but we still have the Midwestern work ethic and attitude

We do amazing work with amazing clients at Engage Mobile.  Check us out at www.EngageMobile.com.


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